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The Maiden is more than a brand; it's a celebration of South African vibrancy, leading the way as the top online destination for bridal party attire since 2012.

Founded by sisters Marné and Sunette, our mission is to make dreams come true for women of all shapes and sizes. With over a hundred unique dresses tailored to individual measurements and a palette of over sixty stunning colors, we’re dedicated to crafting the perfect ensemble for every member of your bridal party.

Sine 2012


Our journey began in 2012, a serendipitous fusion of fashion, entrepreneurship, and heartfelt passion. It all started with Marné, the creative force behind our designs, and Sunette, the visionary driving our business forward — two sisters united by a singular, beautiful dream. Today, that dream blossoms into reality as we weave enchantment into the lives of countless women, every single day.

Marné, with her BA in fashion, leads the creative charge as our head designer. As for me (Sunette), my BCom in Business helps steer the ship. It all started when Marné began receiving numerous requests for bridesmaids’ dresses. She felt a pull to pursue this path, but she needed assistance with the business side of things. That’s where I came in, and it was a perfect match. The response was immediate and overwhelming, keeping us so busy that we quickly expanded our team.

how it all came together

The Dress

Our passion lies in offering people the chance to own a dress crafted specifically for them, not just settling for something off the rack. Whether your bridesmaids are scattered across America, Kathu, Cape Town, or Bloemfontein, each one can order from us, ensuring their dresses not only match but also embrace their unique figures. 

At The Maiden, we don’t just dress bridesmaids; we celebrate the beauty of diversity, empowering each woman to shine in her own radiant light. Join us on this extraordinary journey, where every stitch is woven with love, passion, and the promise of perfection.

For us, it's more than just stitching together fabrics; it's about crafting a garment that embodies the essence of each unique individual.

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