Can I make an appointment to try on dresses with you?
The Maiden is an online store, and we provide an online service to assist you with your dress order. We have simplified the ordering process so that you can have an easy process no matter where your bridesmaids are in the world. You can order Colour Swatches to find the perfect colour and follow our easy Measurement Guide to find your size, or choose to have it made on your personal measurements. 

If you would like to try on our dresses, you can make an appointment with any of our Stockists listed. Please note that all stockists may have their own pricing structure or fitting costs as they offer a personalized service for trying on the dresses. Please confirm with the stockists directly if they have the dresses you would like to try on in their stock.    

What is your lead time to make the dresses? 
4 to 6 weeks. If you need a rush order we offer a One week, Two week or Tree week rush, please make the selection on the dress when ordering. Please note this excludes shipping time.  

How do I choose the correct size? 
It is important to use our size guide to choose the correct size. Alternatively take your measurements according to the guide on our website, and we will assist you in choosing the correct size. If your dress is the wrong size due to faulty measurements given to us, we will happily fix it although it will incur an extra charge depending on the amount of work to be done.   The best way to avoid this is to have the measurements taken correctly or to follow our size guide.  

What if I want to lose weight? 
If you are going to lose weight before the wedding it is best have your dress made closer to the wedding. Order when you are ready, to get a dress in a short lead time you can make use of our 1, 2 or 3 week rush order options. We do use high quality stretch fabrics which does allow for a few centimeters up or down.  

Where are you situated?
 We are an online store only, our factory is based in Centurion, Gauteng. However please note that we are an online only store, we do not offer factory visits, we can assist with any questions via email / calls. For colour selection you can order Colour Swatches.  

What are your working hours?   
We are available Mon-Fri 8am-3pm telephonically- calls & WhatsApp. Emails & WhatsApps are replied during working hours. We do prefer email communication to keep a better communication trail with clients.
Monday – Friday: 8am – 3pm
Saturday & Sunday: closed   

What times can I collect my order?  
Orders can be collected on weekdays, Monday – Friday: 8am – 3pm only. We are closed on Weekends & public holidays.

How do I choose a colour online? 
Please see our handy colour option  for Colour Swatches. You can buy a colour sample fabric swatches to choose your perfect colour before placing your dress order. If you need help please send us a few pictures of the colour you have in mind and we will gladly make recommendations to add to your swatches. 

What fabrics are used for the dresses? 
We use venetia & bon-bon as a base fabric on all of our dresses. They are almost identical fabrics and what we call sister fabrics, we use both to have a wider colour selection. Then we also use accompanying fabrics depending on the collection- stretch lace, mesh, tulle, sequins, metallic, velvet, florals (in both bon-bon & scuba floral options).

How do I take my measurements/ determine my size?
For sizing we have 2 options- you can choose a standard size from our size guide, or choose that your dress is made to your exact measurements by following our measurement guide . If the measurements are taken correctly it should fit perfectly.  

What if my bridesmaid is pregnant? 
We can assist, and will advise per order. Please contact us with her due date and the wedding date then we’ll advise accordingly. Depending on when the order is placed we might want to update her measurements. Or make her dress closer to the wedding.
Please also make a note of the pregnancy on your order. We can add extra gathers to the skirt, and the stretchy fabric allows for a growing belly.  

How do I order? 
You can order online directly on our website. Choose your dress and select all the options of your dress such as colour, size, skirt length etc. Add to cart and Check Out. Just follow the promts.  

How does the process work?  OUR PROCESS ONLINE
STEP 1: Choose your dream dress from our unique collection.
STEP 2: Select your choice of colour from our unique colours.
STEP 3: Select your size / send us your custom measurements.
STEP 4: Your dress is placed into production.
STEP 5: Our lead time is 4-6 weeks, or if you choose the Rush option.
STEP 6: Your dress is couriered right to your doorstep.  

What are your banking details?  The Maiden
Branch code: 250130
Account number: 62403634852 
You will also find our banking details on your invoice. Or pay by card upon checkout.  

What do I use as reference? Please ONLY use the reference number on your order confirmation email / quote.  

Do I need to send a proof of payment? 
 Yes. Please always send us the proof of payment to info@themaiden.co.za with your quote that we can allocate the payment to your order, and to avoid delays in the payment being allocated. 

What if my dress doesn’t fit? 
 In the unlikely event that your dress doesn’t fit we will do everything in our power to assist. If the mistake is on our side, we promise to fix it and cover the costs. If there was an ordering mistake with measurements, we will assist with alterations for the lowest cost possible. Please make sure of the size and colour you are ordering beforehand. We gladly assist with any sizing questions. 
If you receive your dress and something isn’t quite right, please contact us as soon as possible to assist.
We cannot be help responsible for third party alterations done without communicating with us.

Can you do alterations? 
For any alterations please contact us as soon as possible that we can advise how to note alterations correctly. We unfortunately do not have fitting facilities at our factory that we can’t check for you what alterations are needed. We will then make arrangements to drop the dress off at our factory. Alterations take 2-3 weeks, please allow enough time for alterations. If alterations are needed quicker our rush fees are applicable in addition to the alteration fee. If a dress needs to be made smaller more than 1 size a new dress needs to be made. Dresses unfortunately can’t be made bigger, for a dress that needs to be bigger a new dress will need to be ordered. Please make sure of the size or measurements before ordering. We gladly assist with any sizing questions if you are unsure. 
Alteration fee estimates:
Dress / skirt shortening: R100-250 per layer depending on skirt type
Take bodice in max 1 size (5cm in circumference): from R300
Make dress  (bodice & skirt) smaller (max 1 size): R450
Shortening straps: from R100
Replace straps: from R200
New skirt: from R550
New bodice (bigger size): from +-R450-850
Add/ replace sleeves: Sleeve cost + R100
Add overlay: Overlay cost + R150

Please note that do not work with dirty/ soiled dresses. Please bring clean / washed garments in for alterations.

Do you do returns? 
For in stock items we do accept returns for a refund, credit or exchange, provided the product is in the exact same condition, unworn and in the same packaging. Please note the courier fee cannot be returned. Returns should be done within 7 days of receiving the order.
For any items that are made to order, we unfortunately do not provide refunds or exchanges. Please make sure of the size and colour before ordering. We gladly assist with any sizing questions. If any errors on orders occur we do provide free replacements or alterations. If an order was placed with errors by the client, we can assist with alterations but it will incur an alteration fee.
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